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Finally it is here ! The new version of the YammYamm plugin is available for download ! ;)

Faster, better, less buggy, fully rewritten, this version adds a sidepanel to the administration when you write an article or a page. An options panel has also been added.

The page of the YammYamm plugin

I finally decided to release my "Freshy" template publicly.

It is ready to be used in combination with the YammYamm plugin (version 0.5) : install YammYamm, install the template and voilà ! You have a beautiful bilingual websitein XHTML :) Of course you are not obliged to use YammYamm !

For sure it is free, so go get it ;) It would be great to know what sites use my template, let me know !

Download the Freshy template for wordpress

A CSS trick i wanted to achieve : reproduce the text-overflow:ellipsis which exists in Internet Explorer in Firefox.

Just to remember : the text-overflow property adds "..." at the end of a text if it is longer than the size of the bloc.

The Pocket PC and the SmartPhone version of the WengoPhone is out. With it, it is possible to make voip calls from your PDA or your cellphone.

I made the graphic interface.

Finally ! The 2.0 version of the VoIP softphone from Wengo is now publicly available !

The main innovation is that WengoPhone is now compatible with all the different protocols.

What is worth than having 6 different softwares to communicate with all your contacts ?

Between M$N, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo!, the different proprietary standards are a big constraint in the instant messaging world. With interoperability, everything becomes easier. There already were softwares as GAIM, Miranda IM, Psi etc... but these did not offer the ability to make phone calls. With WengoPhone 2.0, phone calls, video calls and instant messaging are together in the same software. The Jabber protocol is also supported, so GoogleTalk is also working.

For the moment, the interoperability only works with instant messaging, but phone calls and video calls with other standards will be also supported. At this moment, WengoPhone will really become a must-have !

To download WengoPhone 2.0 and know more about it : www.wengo.com

I am working on the graphical UI of the next Wengo software : WengoPhone NG (for "Next Generation").

What else to say ? Look at the screenshots :

The main window, with the contact-list, blue version :

To see more, clic on "Read more".

OpenWengo Stickers and goodies for the community !

It's been a while since i noticed that problem : when i clicked a download link, my computer went unresponsive for quite a moment... Enough time to get a coffee break ;)

The solution is in fact very simple : it is because of the downloads history which becomes huge after months of downloading ! Just clean the download history and Firefox runs as fast as if it was freshly installed.

Toodo ! is the next web 2.0 killer app !

Developped by Julien Bouquillon (revolunet) and soon myself, toodo helps you to handle your tasks.

The developpement of toodo started when we realized that no application exists to manage a todo-list correctly. Impossible to create categories, and moreover nested tasks.

Toodo is getting better and better everyday : tasks priorities, alerts by email or jabber, and now shared tasks ! waoh !

For the moment, it is in pre-alpha, impossible to release it since there are too many bugs and features to complete. When it will be stable, it will be released publicly.

Keep in touch !

For the moment, here is a screenshot :

Update : Here is how the layout should be :

Website of the 22nd international cooperative research conference. I made the graphic design.

The cooperative response to new civil society's new expectations.

How does the cooperative movement contribute to meeting these challenges ?

The XXII International Cooperative Research Conference aims to approach this issue in a reflective and analytic way.

View the site

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