Freshy theme

Freshy 1.0 theme for Wordpress

This theme is no longer maintained and is only available on

Here is the freshy template for wordpress, a modded version of the template I use for my site.

It is ready to be used in combination with yammyamm.

Features :

  • color theme switcher
  • advanced customization : colors, header image...
  • widget compatible
  • choose the sidebar menu behaviour : show subpages on pages and blog cats in the blog or always show pages and blog cats
  • when you select a page in the top menu and then a subpage, the top menu is still selected
  • for the links in the sidebar - when using widgets, an alternative links widget has been added to be compatible with freshy
  • customize the top menu : labels, links, contact menu...
  • gravatar support implemented (with skippy's gravatars plugin)
  • better integration with YammYamm (especially concerning the top menu links).
  • internationalisation : New : Spanish, Hungarian, Turkish, English, French, Polish, German, Croatian, simplified Chinese and Hebrew (it is a special version : check here) send me your translations (use poedit)

The CSS, XHTML and design is released under GPL.

Please leave the "design by jidé" logo in the footer or mention it somewhere in the site ;)

I must say i am surprised by the success of the theme, it's great !

New ! Thanks to the options, customize the template !

You can also try the nice Jimisola modded version here