Wengo launches WengoPhone 2.0 !

Finally ! The 2.0 version of the VoIP softphone from Wengo is now publicly available !

The main innovation is that WengoPhone is now compatible with all the different protocols.

What is worth than having 6 different softwares to communicate with all your contacts ?

Between M$N, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo!, the different proprietary standards are a big constraint in the instant messaging world. With interoperability, everything becomes easier. There already were softwares as GAIM, Miranda IM, Psi etc... but these did not offer the ability to make phone calls. With WengoPhone 2.0, phone calls, video calls and instant messaging are together in the same software. The Jabber protocol is also supported, so GoogleTalk is also working.

For the moment, the interoperability only works with instant messaging, but phone calls and video calls with other standards will be also supported. At this moment, WengoPhone will really become a must-have !

To download WengoPhone 2.0 and know more about it : www.wengo.com