Yes, YammYamm is now integrated with the widget API !

Enjoy !

Go to the YammYamm plugin page.

The freshy theme has now a lot of new features, check it out !

New features :

  • choose the sidebar menu behaviour : show subpages on pages and blog cats in the blog or always show pages and blog cats
  • when you select a page in the top menu and then a subpage, the top menu is still selected
  • for the links in the sidebar - when using widgets, an alternative links widget has been added to be compatible with freshy
  • customize the top menu : labels, links, contact menu...
  • gravatar support implemented (with skippy's gravatars plugin)

Go to the Freshy template page

Some bug corrections have been implemented in the Freshy theme and the YammYamm plugin. The main corrections concern the homepage of the site when set to be the blog. Please upgrade to the last version !

Go to the Freshy template page.

Go to the YammYamm plugin page.

Thanks to Xuqing Kuang, a major issue (but a stupid mistake) in the plugin has been resolved ! Many thanks to him !

Go to the YammYamm plugin page.

Simplified Chinese (thanks to Xuqing Kuang) and Polish (thanks to Przemek) languages added, option for the contact email address added in the options, and corrected the bug of the folder : now the folder name could be whatever you want (freshy, freshy-10 or anything else).

Check this wonderful update for the Freshy Template : widgets compatible and options in the admin panel.

Template Freshy

Enjoy ! ;)

Finally it is here ! The new version of the YammYamm plugin is available for download ! ;)

Faster, better, less buggy, fully rewritten, this version adds a sidepanel to the administration when you write an article or a page. An options panel has also been added.

The page of the YammYamm plugin

I finally decided to release my "Freshy" template publicly.

It is ready to be used in combination with the YammYamm plugin (version 0.5) : install YammYamm, install the template and voilà ! You have a beautiful bilingual websitein XHTML :) Of course you are not obliged to use YammYamm !

For sure it is free, so go get it ;) It would be great to know what sites use my template, let me know !

Download the Freshy template for wordpress

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